Fields of training:

  • Construction compliance monitoring
  • Transportation and handling of dangerous goods
  • Offshore oil and gas facilities development
  • Design and operation of high-capacity containers
  • Providing integrated safety and security on transport
  • Pre-evaluation training of industrial safety specialists
  • Management and quality standards
  • Security of ships and port facilities

Services rendered:

  • Education and training for qualification test
  • Holding seminars at enterprises
  • Consultations
  • Executive training
  • Development of plans of localization and liquidation of emergencies consequences on the hazardous production facilities
  • Development of Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP)


  • International Staff Training Center (ISTC) has carried out seminars for the employees of Dragon Oil Company (Turkmenistan) from 22 to 27 July, 2015 in Hazar (Turkmenistan). These seminars were conducted within the requirements of International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code) and other international regulatory documents related to the transportation of dangerous goods. According to the results of seminars 16 of the specialists were submitted for the attestation in IDGCA as safety advisors (consultants) in dangerous goods.
    "Dragon Oil" Ltd is the biggest international structure which is engaged into the sphere of exploration & production of oil and gas. A large scope of work of the company conducts in Cheleken zone which is located on the shelf of Turkmenistan and includes 2 fields: oil field "Dzheitune" and gas field "Dzhygalybek".
  • Rostekhnadzor discontinues its functions on issuance of Permissions for use of technical devices and functions of approval of industrial safety expertise