About the Center

International Staff Training Center (ISTC) is a subsidiary company of "IDGCA" NP . ISTC offers organizations and enterprises a range of services for training and consulting of staff. Since the day of foundation, the 18th of March, 2003, the center has trained hundreds of specialists in safe transportation and handling of dangerous goods, specialists in security of ships and port facilities, staff involved in container business, managerial and engineering staff for industrial and transport enterprise, employees of companies involved in development and operation of oil-and-gas fields on continental shelves of seas. ISTC is the only educational establishment in the Russian Federation carrying out training of advisors (consultants) in dangerous goods. Availability of such specialists in staff of an enterprise carrying out carriage and/or handling of dangerous goods is mandatory in accordance with the requirements of European Agreements concerning carriage of dangerous goods by railway, road and inland water transport (IMDG Code, ADR and ADN) and Provision 2 of Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail. During the staff training, a great attention is paid to integrated safety and security, including matters related to counterterrorism measures in accordance with new international requirements.

65% of ISTC trainers are Doctors and Candidates of Engineering, Economics and Military Science, Professors and Assistant Professors having excellent teaching skills and considerable experience of work in transport, industry, supervisory and control authorities and service in security agencies. ISTC leavers successfully certified by "IDGCA" NP , receive international certificates.

Along with training of specialists in the above mentioned areas, our trainers carry out thematic consultations in various forms, including in-service seminars.

ISTC is the operator of international conferences, exhibitions and seminars carried out by "IDGCA" NP annually. Twice a year the management of the center participates in sessions of United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals and, thus, has an opportunity to use up-to-date information received at these sessions for training.

Top management of the ISTC has established and supports a Quality Policy which corresponds to mission and strategic aspirations of the organization.

ISTC offers subscription to the bilingual specialized journal “Dangerous Goods & Containers” which is being published by "IDGCA" NP and distributed both in Russia and out of its bounds, including distribution in intergovernmental organizations (UN, IMO, UNCTAD, ISO, etc.), as well as advertising in the journal.

One more service rendered by the center is elaboration of Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAP) and Oil Spill Response Plans (OSRP).

The center is located at the address: St.Petersburg, St.Petersburgskoe highway, 47A. This is a fascinating area of landmarks and historical monuments in Saint-Petersburg situated in close proximity to Palace of Congress (Konstantinovskiy Palace).

We receive applications for rendering of services by phone/fax (812) 421-54-51, 740-20-19 and e-mail: istc@idgca.org, info@idgca.org